Our dough is made daily and goes through a 48 – 72 hour proofing process to get the flavor that is exclusively our own. Our signature crust is machine rolled and is more crunchy than than traditional pizza dough because we use less water in our recipe . We also offer a traditional crust, that we call hand thrown crust, that is available in Large Size only. 

We make our own sauce using a special spice blend and added crushed garlic. Our cheese is a 50/50 blend of part-skim mozzarella and monterey jack. We also top our pizzas with a small amount of cheddar to add color.

We buy our sausage, pepperoni, and salami from local owner operator companies who take pride in the quality of their product. We buy fresh vegetables from a local produce company and do our own prep of slicing and dicing in order to maintain freshness. 

When comparing prices keep in mind that our posted prices include sales tax of 9.75%.

18" x 12"
1 topping$10.00$13.50$22.75$28.50$33.00
2 toppings$10.50$14.50$23.75$30.00$35.00
3 toppings$11.00$15.50$24.75$31.50$37.00
4 or more toppings$11.50$16.50$25.75$33.00$39.00

CRUST Choices
Original Crust
Our popular default crust.
Homestyle Crust
Extra cheese and sauce on twice baked thick crust.
Medium - 11" and Large - 13"
Hand Thrown
Only available in Large - 14".

Choice Of Sauces
Classic Pizza Sauce
Sun-dried Tomato and Garlic Pesto*
Creamy Garlic*
Spicy BBQ
Basil Pesto*
Plum Tomato, Basil and Garlic*
* additional charge
CRUST choicesSAUCE choices
Our popular default crust
Our own homemade pizza sauce
Thick crust that bakes twice as long as our original. Available in two sizes:
Medium - 11" and Large - 13"
BBQ Sauce
Our own sauce used primarily
on our BBQ Chicken or Beef pizzas
Hand Thrown
Our in house favorite that is only
available in Large - 13" size.
Green Pesto
Basil, garlic, canola oil, pine nuts, and parmesan
Gluten Free
Only available in Small - 10" size. $5.00 Surcharge
Please be aware that our gluten free crust is prepared in a gluten environment.
Gluten sensitive customers should exercise caution consuming this product.
Sun-dried Tomato Pesto
Canola oil, sun-dried tomato's, basil, and garlic
 Ranch Dressing

Canadian BaconZucchiniSpinach
Greek PeppersHot SausageBacon
ChickenFetaArtichoke Hearts
Fresh TomatoCooked TomatoHam
ShrimpAlfalfa SproutsRed Onions
Green Onions  
Pizzas from Lavals in Alameda, CA